The Japanese Manga style are popular across the globe for its uniqueness and superior artwork, Here is why you should totally read Manga comics

  • Most manga are original stories with a lot of details and development of the authors.
  • Manga can be a lot more accessible than the average comic book series, and also the casual and light nature of most manga series are more fun to get into, especially for teens
  • Manga is a lot easier to jump into than American comics.

  • The way characters learn new skills is drawn out in depth and its very fun to watch
  • The comics create your own impression of the story like scenery, voices, etc
  • In the manga comics there is more space for imagination, the stories are more compact
  • There are more other short manga that can be read and completed fast, and there are so many mainstream anime from the manga that are prolonged and takes ages to finish. The work of the author and those tiny details are admirable

  • Manga presents beautiful artworks and a creative imagination from mangaka (manga authors) who devote their life creating and drawing manga with the help of a few assistants and publishers.
  • Manga can seem very childish at first glance, but there really are some good ones
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