The manga comics are lovable but you might want to take a look at the cons as well


  • The art in the comics are sure to grab your attention
  • Everything in the manga is cannon since it's from the original writer
  • Many stories focus on identity creation, debating the pros and cons of becoming different types of people.
  • Manga comics are visually formatted with full stories. The visuals of anime and the details of light novels. Manga contains very good compromises of the two other mediums and execute grand stories.
  • It has interesting and unique art styles that are uncommon in Western comic books.



  • Manga Adaptions of Light Novels and Anime tend to not be worth the effort reading. Light Novels usually translate poorly into manga due to monthly release schedules and significant amount of dropped details. Adaptions of Anime are literally just the anime story boards pretty much so there really isn't much to add if it is a direct adaption.
  • They are Black and white
  • No voiced dialogue, do miss hearing some voice actors, although with just a little
  • Most Japanese anime there are scenes that are not exemplary, such as fights. Visit Read Manga portal for more.