Sexual Awareness Is the Key to Sexual Health

Most people don’t want to talk too much about sex. It’s simply not something they are comfortable discussing, which can be why so many people are misinformed or ignorant about many of the basics of sexual health. The biggest factor that contributes toward improved sexual health is understanding what it means to be sexually healthy and what it takes to maintain that level of healthiness.



If you don’t know what contributes to or hurts your sexual health, then you won’t be able to make informed decisions about what to do when you have a sexual problem. Understanding if certain sensations or experiences are normal is a very good way to keep yourself healthy and safe. It also protects your sexual partner.


If you don’t know the warning signs of sexually transmitted diseases, then they can become very severe before you realize there is a problem. You can also risk spreading them to other people if you go without treatment for too long.

That’s why it is so important to understand your sexual health and what it takes to be healthy. By raising your sexual awareness, you can have a more fulfilling life, better sex and a better relationship with your partner. You should talk with your partner about sexual issues that are on your mind and discuss any changes that are occurring. That way, you can have trust and make sure you are both keeping one another safe. For a healthy life click here Spanish fly Love




What Causes Baldness

Did you know that your hair is falling out and being replaced all the time? Each day, a guy can lose anywhere from 100 hairs to 1,000. Most of these will be replaced as the hair naturally grows out and works through a natural process. At any given time, about ten percent of your hair is in what is known as a resting phase. That means it isn’t growing, while the hair around it is.


But when some of your hair doesn’t regrow like it should, then the process is interfered with and you can start to go bald.

Most baldness is caused by genetic factors. A staggering 95% of all men who experience baldness do so because they can’t really control it. It’s caused by a condition known as androgenetic alopecia, which you probably know as male pattern baldness. There’s very little you can do to naturally stop this genetic trait from making your hair fall out at an accelerated rate. It can happen at almost any age, and only certain hair products or hair treatment will successfully bring the hair back.


The rest of those who experience balding outside of male pattern baldness do so because of one or more of a few different factors. It may be because they suffered an injury or illness, because they have low iron in their blood, because they are taking some medications or because they have too much Vitamin A.

These are controllablefactors, and you can talk to your doctor about correcting themso that your hair can regrow. Get the solutions for all your hair problems from Spanish Fly Love.